Prince William Home Improvement Builds Deck Sales to a New Level

Sales Revenue

The Challenge

Prince William Home Improvement was already advertising their variety of high quality products in our shared mail envelope, but they were experiencing a decrease in sales due to the increasing amount of foreclosures in their area. To hammer-in the sales of their decking product, they decided to try a one-to-one direct marketing approach for the first time and asked us to assist them with our expertise. This included their targeted mailing list selection, offer, copy, and artwork design for their first one-to-one mailing.

The Results Were Amazing

The client has scheduled 23 in-home estimates and completed 10 decking jobs for sales revenue of over $187,000 through the one-to-one campaign.


The results of the customer file analysis revealed that out of their 1,306 completed decking jobs, 38.3% of their decking customers fell into just two Tapestry clusters. Both of these Tapestry clusters shared an upscale family psychographic buying behavior. With this knowledge, we were able to give the artwork of the piece a family feel and drill the message towards the additional living space and family memories that would be gained if a deck was built onto their home. Complementing this creative was the enticing offer for $1,000 off the purchase of a new deck with a minimum square footage to ensure profitability for the Prince William. We mailed this same creative and data list twice to the 20,000 best prospects we had determined from the analytic results.


We performed a customer file analysis of their decking customers and “cloned” similar households for their direct marketing one-to-one campaign through our Tapestry segmentation data product. Once we knew the best prospects to target from the analysis results we were able to focus on the creative and timely execution of the campaign to make the piece really stand out in each prospect’s mailbox during the spring months – historically the Prince William’s most popular time to acquire decking jobs


Prince William Home Improvement was floored at the success of the campaign and its overall longevity with calls continuing to come in weeks after each mail drop. They have already scheduled 23 in-home estimates and completed 10 decking jobs for sales revenue of over $187,000! They will definitely keep the same methodology as their direct marketing blueprint for all of their future campaigns.

By using mobile direct marketing, we are able to offer our client a solution that connects with the area’s younger but influential consumers.
Janet Galati

Owner, Money Mailer of Chain-O-Lakes, IL