Mobile Messages Redeemed.

Texting Never Tasted So Good: TCBY Connects with College Students on their Cell Phones

The Challenge

TCBY’s Salisbury, Maryland location, situated adjacent to Salisbury University, turned to Money Mailer for two reasons: 1) to help it grow its college student customer base; 2) to help it sustain its current level of sales from family households in the area.

Previously, Money Mailer had successfully carried out two mailings per year for TCBY to area households in its popular shared mail envelope. With a trusting relationship established, Money Mailer worked with TCBY to turn this year’s campaigns into integrated programs that combined mailings with mobile marketing. Since integrating their campaign with the mobile element in 2009, TCBY has carried out three campaigns already this calendar year.

Our Solution

Money Mailer kicked off each of the three integrated campaigns that it executed for TCBY with a mail piece in its widely circulated shared mail envelope. The ad provided an opt-in code for recipients to text on their cell phones to a designated number and receive special offers from the TCBY location. In addition, Money Mailer’s in-store table tent cards and window clings also advertised the opportunity for customers to participate in the mobile program. Money Mailer provided TCBY with extra pieces that it could hand out on campus, and the client had special stickers printed that it stuck to cups with the keyword printed on it.

Opt-ins were collected for a week and then sent a text message offer. As the opt-ins grew, so did Money Mailer’s credibility with its client. The mobile component presented Money Mailer with an opportunity to collaborate with its client and create a symbiotic relationship — Money Mailer earned more of TCBY’s marketing spend and TCBY grew its customer base.

The Results Were Amazing

20% of the mobile messages have been redeemed.


TCBY’s top priority for the campaign was to build its database of college students so it could regularly market to the captive audience passing by its store onto campus each day. TCBY incorporated the offer into its point of sale (POS) system to track results from the campaign.


Once the campaign began Money Mailer consulted on a regular basis with the TCBY location’s owner to create a new offer each week. Money Mailer also worked closely with the TCBY location’s owner to routinely monitor consumers’ response to the offers being made. As with all of its clients, Money Mailer served as a local marketing agency capable of supporting its clients with strategic, integrated promotions.


The mobile component, still new to many small business owners, has consistently exceeded customer expectations. TCBY has grown its college student customer base with more than 300 opt-ins through the first two months of the integrated campaign. Moreover, nearly 20 percent of those receiving the mobile coupons have redeemed them.

I am very excited to offer this cutting edge program to the local small business community. When I share it with my clients and prospects they get excited right along with me.

Susan McMullen

Owner, Money Mailer of Delmarva