Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing is an interactive system of marketing which uses one or more advertising media to effect measureable response and/or transaction at any location. – Direct Marketing Association

Each Dollar Spent on Direct Marketing Yields, on Average, A Return On Investment of $12.45


Each Dollar Spent on Non-Direct Mail Advertising Yields an ROI of $5.29

Solo Mail

  • Postcards boast a 100% open rate, so they are likely to be most effective when your strategy is to grab attention and get your message across quickly
  • Research shows younger consumers are much more image oriented and tend to respond better to high-impact graphics then postcards and self-mailers permit
  • Envelope packages tend to pull well when targeting older audiences who still have an emotional attachment to traditional letter formats

Variable Data Printing

Each piece is individually addressed and looks like it was exclusively designed for the recipient.

Speak directly to customers and prospects distinctively, based upon personally relevant data:

    • Gender and age
    • Home or business location
    • Education and occupation
    • Lifestyle and interests
    • Property Ownership Records

Shared Mail

Advertise inside the Money Mailer or Val Pak envelope and reach affluent households (120K) for .03 a home.

Second to TV, Shared Mail Is The  Most Cost Effective Method to Attract New Prospects

  • 96% of Homeowners Open the  Money Mailer Envelope Each Month
  • 59% look through the envelope at lease 2x a month
  • 60% keep envelope for a week or more
  • 41% use 2 or more coupons each week

Plan Your Campaign

Who Is Your Target Market?

Where Do They Live or Work?

What Are You Offering?

What Constitutes A Profitable Campaign?



Direct Mail scores 55% HIGHER than digital ads at motivating a person to action.


Brand Recall from Direct Mail is 70% HIGHER than digital media.


Direct Mail Marketing Messages are 24% EASIER TO PROCESS mentally than digital ads.


The Question We Ask Is:

What Kind Of Response Will I Get?

The Question We Should Ask Is:

What Kind of Response Do I Need?


Only 2 Things matter

  • What can you afford to spend for a new customer/deal
  • How many responses do you need for your campaign to be profitable?

How Often Should You Mail and How Many?

  • Not everyone will see your mail every time you mail
  • Multiple touches promote recognition
  • Many times the timing has to be right
  • Mail as often as profitable
  • Direct Marketing Assocation says you get the best response on the 7th mailing or 7th touch.
  • Typical Campaigns are 1000 – 5000 per mailing.

4 Components to a Successful Direct Mail Piece

Graphical Treatment or Format

Is a letter better or a postcard? Should it be a mailer or a brochure?

The Copy

Pain Points, Benefits, Features

The Offer

How you can help.

Call to Action

All they have to do is . . . 

Direct Mail Elements


When are you going to send it out?


What are  you going to send out (Solo/VIP/Shared)

Offer or Reason You Can Help

What can you do for them to stay top of mind?

The List

Who are you going to send it to?


What are you going to say?

Your Marketing Piece Must Be Relevant

  • You can’t have ROI if there is no revenue
  • Your can’t have revenue if there is no response
  • You won’t have response if they don’t read the piece
  • They won’t read the piece if it is not relevant

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