How Much Revenue Is Lost When Equipment Is Out of Service?

When Something Goes Wrong, Do You Know Who To Call?

QRTechPro manages work requests automatically and sends out alerts to the proper parties immediately.

When An Employee Leaves Does the Equipment Knowledge Leave With Them?

Create uninterrupted information flow from the field to the office. All the information is collected from technicians in real time.
QRTechPro Eliminates Paperwork In the Field

Are Your Employees Doing YOUR Work on YOUR Time?

Quickly see if a technician did their work on time and get alerted when a task is complete.


QRTechPro gives you real time reporting and allows you to proactively monitor for issues.


A Simple Solution for Your Maintenance Needs

Regular, preventative maintenance helps inventory managers ensure equipment does not break down or wear out before its time and can extend the useful life of that equipment.
With QRTechPro You Will Never Miss Required or Preventive Maintenance Again.

Easily add a description and image or video of your assets

Store Appraisals,Receipts, Work Orders, and Other Documents Associated with Your Assets

Report Any Loss or Damage to Your Insurance Broker Instantly!

Track the Location of Your Assets. If On Loan, Know When that Asset Will Be Returned

Anytime anywhere access - Full functionality on all devices

Keep All Receipts, Manuals, Warranties and Other Important Documents For Instant Access

QR Tech Pro Lets You:

Easily Create An Inventory Of Your Assets, From Equipment to Napkins

Locate Each And Every Asset In Your Organization

Keep Track Of Images, Registration Numbers, Receipts, Insurance Policies and Maintenance History

Protect Your Assets Should You Suffer Loss Or Damage

Store All Insurance Policies, Insurance Claims And The Outcome Of Those Claims

Generate An Insurance Claim As Easily As Clicking A Button


Smart Ticket Assignment - Automatically assign support tickets and send to appropriate technician

End User Interaction - Get the information you need directly from the person reporting the incident

Automatic Alerts - Sent to the appropriate parties (technicians, managers, owners, etc) when an incident occurs - fully customiziable

Self Help Knowlegebase - Setup information the end user can access to solve the problem on their own without creating a support ticket

Real Time Tracking - Know the up to date status of all reported incidents


Capture the Complete Picture of Every Interaction

Just like your fingerprint is unique to you, each qr code is programable to have the details of a piece of equipment, area or stock at your fingertips.

Service Records / Service Companies

History and Configuration

Support Tickets

Assets and Implementations

Client Conversations


Scheduled Maintenance - Annual inspections, filter changes, etc.

Workflow Rules That Trigger Actions - If this happens then that happens . . .

Recurring Notifications - Notifications reset upon completion of action