Are You Using The Right Tools For EVENT SUCCESS?

Deploy The Latest And Greatest Event Technology At Your Next Convention, Industry Expo, Or Professional Trade Show!

Drive More Value For Attendees, Sponsors, And Exhibitors

Empower Attendees To Identify Experts, Engage In Topic-Based Discussions, and Easily Connect Through Direct Messaging and Meeting Scheduling Capabilities.

Digitize Your Events At Every Stage

Better Energize, Monetize And Optimize Live Events And Maximize ROI On Marketing Spend.

Turn Passive Attendees into Active Participants

  • Connect The Right People, Content, And Sessions. Communicate In Real Time
  • Deliver Important And Timely Updates To Attendees To Keep Them In The Know.

Revenue Opportunities

  • Monetize your app through in-app advertising and sponsorships.
  • Add value by increasing sponsor and advertiser visibility to your participants.
  • Generate revenue through splash screens, banners, sponsor lists, push messaging, gamification and more.

Real Time Feedback

  • Proactive prevention of negative feedback. Insights into popular features, activities, and vendors.
  • Data collection to help improve future events and understand participant behavior.
  • Increase response rates and decrease no shows

Increased Networking Opportunities

  • Creates a comfortable enrvirornment for participants to approach one another that encourages communication.
  • Break down barriers and make it fun to network with opportunites for matchmaking and network appointments.
  • Provide incentives for networking through games and challenges.

Improve Engagement

  • Infleunce the behavior of your participants.
  • Capture participants thoughts and ideas and transform them into topics and insights – in real time.
  • Engage participants through activites, challenges, competitions, clickable banners, sponsor and vendor information sections and unique offers.


Organizer Features


Easy Data Collection


Live Polling and Surveys


Custom Branded App


Real Time Reporting


Unlimited Push Notifications


Easy to Use Admin

Digitally manage ticketing, registration, agendas, maps, session content, speakers, vendors, attendees, and other information.


Super Fast Delivery

(4 weeks or less)


Participant Features


Comprehensive Information At Their Fingertips


Instant Content Distribution


2 Way Dialogue - Let Your Participants Be Heard


In-App Notes


Image Gallery



Humans are naturally inclined to compete, improve ourselves, interact with each other and achieve goals. Gamification creates a fun environment and keeps your participants engaged from start to finish.

Drives Participants To Take Action

  • Interact with vendors
  • Network with each other
  • Share their experiences
  • Engage with sponsors and presenters


Seamlessly Gathers Information

Promotes Product/Message Awareness and Team Building

  • Increased exposure to educational and promotional content
  • Real time team collobaration



Trivia/Murder Mystery

Participants answer a series of questions throughout your event to help them solve the mystery. The questions can be related to message, vendor or sponsor content. Participants earn points and get clues based on questions and actions completed (watch sponsor video, interact with other participants, download vendor info, etc). Winners must solve the mystery.

Scavenger Hunt

Participants perform a provided list of tasks and achieve points and rewards along the way. Task can be anything from watching videos to visiting vendors.

Photo Contest

Participants upload photos and comment and vote on their favorites based on a provided theme or location.

Booth Hunt

Participants are given a list of vendors they must visit and they scan the vendor QR code as they explore the event.


Participants are given a card with vendors and set tasks. Participants win points by filling a square, completing a row or complete board.

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