Contact Management

Grow your business faster by building stronger customer relationships, and delivering projects on time, every time.

Sell • Service
Market • Connect


Track and manage prospects, customers, employees and more.


Manage your real estate pipeline, from potential business to listings, buyers and pending contracts.

Foster healthy customer relationships 

Leverage the 360-degree contact view within the solution to get access to their touchpoints and social media profiles to engage in more meaningful conversations, and nurture stronger relationships with your customers.

Save time. Automate the small stuff

Do away with the manual task of updating contact information, and let your contact management software do it for you. You can even schedule appointments and set reminders from the software, so you never miss a single deal. 

Maintain accurate, unlimited data

With the ability to virtually store as many records of contact information as you need, you can merge duplicate data so you’re not weighed down by multiple versions of the same information. Plus it also eliminates the risk or errors. .

Access all customer info from one place

Track activities, social insights, key contacts, and every interaction.

Improve sales productivity

Focus on key contacts by monitoring their activity timeline and lead score to know when and how to reach out to them. By consolidating meaningful information in one place, you can close deals more efficiently and improve productivity.

Drive greater sales

Connect the customer journey from start to end to see the big account picture. With a single database of your contacts whose every interaction is mapped to the business, you can continuously find opportunities to cross and upsell.

Analyze and measure engagement

Monitor contact interactions and behavior with the business so you can measure performance, analyze trends, and review every activity that has impacted your metric.

Why Management Software

Management software enables you to get a complete view of your customer profiles in a simplified manner that is not limited to just their phone numbers, email addresses, and social media profiles. It includes email and phone interactions between your contacts and the business, their entire sales activity history, the key contacts of an account to help close a deal or meet expectations and even notes to get context about their business and requirements before meetings.


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Contact Management – Unlimited Contacts

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Turn Interactions Into Transactions

Who can use a contact management software

Anybody who is looking for a simple and organized way of managing their contacts from a single place can use contact management software. Be it a startup or a well-oiled business, a budding entrepreneur or a corporate sales team, a contact management software is the go-to solution for anybody looking to upgrade from their outdated ways of accessing customer information.