Opt-ins achieved within the first 2 weeks.

‘Cool’ Rainy Day Specials Keep Cash Registers Ringing

The Challenge

Rain may melt away ice, but you‟d never know it by the looks of the Rita‟s location in Flanders, N.J. When the weather turned wet at the start of the store‟s busy season, customer flow remained steady and sales of it‟s Water Ice is as cool as can be as a result of savvy mobile marketing.

Our Solution

Mary pointed out to Rita‟s ownership that integrating mobile into the shop‟s marketing mix would best target their key target demographic, 16-25 year-olds. She noted that this group probably isn‟t looking through the shared mail envelope as much as they are on their cell phones. Rita‟s agreed and moved forward with an aggressive free Water Ice opt-in offer. To promote the exceptional offers, Money Mailer advised Rita‟s to communicate the mobile program on all print marketing, including the shared mail ad, and suggested signage for the shop‟s walk-up window. Rita‟s took Mary‟s suggestions a step further, and promoted the program on its Facebook page as well.



The Results Were Amazing

Rita‟s more than doubled their anticipated daily sales.


Faced with slumping sales during soggy spring and summer days, Rita‟s turned to Money Mailer‟s self-service mobile marketing solution. Mary Lance, owner of Money Mailer of the Jersey Hills, has been working with Rita‟s on shared mail campaigns for the past three years, and presented the mobile program as a slow-sales-day buster.


Rita‟s management uses the cutting-edge marketing tool to instantly ignite sales with aggressive offers. Less than 5 minutes after the decision is made to run the „Rainy Day‟ special offer, consumers who have opted-in receive the message Rita has sent out. The immediacy of Money Mailer‟s mobile marketing solution puts it in a class by itself in getting customers in the door.


“Ice – Custard – Happiness” is Rita‟s slogan; but the Flanders, N.J. shop may want to add on to that with, “Especially When it‟s Raining.” Within 2 weeks of launching its mobile SMS text program, Rita‟s collected more than 800 opt-ins, surpassing all expectations and proving mobile marketing to be a preferred communication vehicle for younger consumers in the area. Further proof came as sales on rainy days doubled projections when Rita‟s pushed out its special „buy one, get one free‟ offer. After using mobile marketing for three months, Rita‟s has built its mobile database to nearly 1,300 people.

The ease of use and low cost made the mobile program an ideal marketing tool for Rita’s. Reaching their customers within minutes for pennies per message has allowed them to generate business on slow days and increase sales and profits.

Mary Lance

Owner, Money Mailer of Jersey Hills, NJ