“Healthier” Fast-Food Business Flourishes in Challenging Market

The Challenge

Froots in Antioch, Illinois, a healthier fast-food business, reopened in the same location where it had previously failed. The original owner had closed its doors after less than a year in business, and a new owner has now taken over the store, reopening the location after a six-month period in which the business had not been operating. In addition, the store’s location is another challenge. Antioch is situated in a rural part of northeastern Illinois and has a historic downtown. However, Froots is set up a few miles outside of the downtown district, adjacent to a shopping center that opened two years ago with Wal-Mart as its anchor tenant. Residents were divided, with some favoring the new retail development and others opposing it.

Our Solution

With the new Froots owner uncertain about using shared mail and mobile offers for their direct marketing needs, Money Mailer understood the importance of taking a hands-on approach with this client. Money Mailer made several trips to the store to train Froots’ staff, to discuss the importance of their participation and to help post in-store marketing materials. The staff’s full understanding was important because they would need to engage the high school crowd in conversation or answer their questions about the mobile text program. The high school students most likely wouldn’t learn about the program through the shared mail ad, since it would be their parents would be getting that in the mail..



The Results Were Amazing

After two mailings, 260 opt-ins have been collected. The combination of mobile and shared mail resulted in an impressive 300 total redemptions.


Total Redemptions


Froots is a healthy alternative to traditional fast-food, offering smoothies, gourmet wraps, salads and soups. In Antioch, there are few choices for healthy fast-food. Thus, Froots wants to capitalize on its distinctive fare by sharing its generous discount opportunities to local residents who are concerned about their health, immune to the controversy surrounding the store’s location, and unfazed by the failure of the store’s first owner.


The targeted audience for the mobile campaign was Antioch’s young adult and high school crowd. With high school students frequenting the store, Money Mailer knew it would need to capture their attention while at the location. As a result, Froots’ integrated marketing campaign included not only Money Mailer’s shared mail and mobile solutions, but in-store collateral and employee training were added as critical components of the text program.


Since integrating the mobile element of Froots’ direct marketing campaign last April, more than 300 mobile and print coupons have been redeemed. So far, 260 consumers have opted-in to the text program and asked for offers to be sent to their phones to purchase more frequently. The initial offer, as well as the two push messages that have been sent, have been aggressive, free smoothie opportunities.

By using mobile direct marketing, we are able to offer our client a solution that connects with the area’s younger but influential consumers.

Janet Galati

Owner, Money Mailer of Chain-O-Lakes, IL