Pizza Planet Finds Mobile Coupons Out of this World

The Challenge

Pizza Planet, a locally owned business in north-central Texas with two locations, needed a new and exciting way to get its message in front of a larger audience. They were particularly interested in targeting a younger demographic: ages 16 to 30. Pizza Plant was seeking an integrated direct marketing approach to connect with consumers at multiple touch points to attract new customers and turn them into frequent guests, while retaining existing customers.

Our Solution

Money Mailer promoted Pizza Planet’s mobile coupon offer through its core solution, shared mail, at the start of 2009. Within just a few weeks the integrated approach generated more than 350 opt-ins to to the text messaging program, which was easily tracked in-store. Messaging that encouraged customers to opt in to receive text offers was also noticeably visible in the restaurant; on table tents, door clings, banners and on fliers attached to the top of pizza boxes. The mobile program combined with the shared mail solution clearly differentiated Pizza Planet in a competitive restaurant segment.

Each opt-in generated $2.50 in profit per customer.

The Results Were Amazing

After two mailings, 260 opt-ins have been collected. The combination of mobile and shared mail resulted in an impressive 300 total redemptions.


Profit per Customer


Money Mailer introduced Pizza Planet to mobile text couponing and its benefits when integrated into the direct marketer’s popular shared mail solution. Mobile marketing is a proven tool for younger consumers who are showing an increased preference for receiving messages through their cell phones and over the internet. With Money Mailer’s guidance, Pizza Planet recognized that they had to communicate with the 18-35 year old crowd differently than it did with older consumers.


Money Mailer, which has been working with Pizza Planet for more than 10 year, suggested to the company’s owner that he try something new; integrating text messages with the shared mail campaign he has traditionally called upon Money Mailer to provide. Money Mailer put a bold call-to-action in the mailed piece, asking consumers to opt-in to receive text messages about Pizza Plant’s discount offers.


Pizza Planet achieved nearly $3000 in sales from the mobile coupons. Each opt-in generated $2.50 in profit per customer. As a result of this success, Pizza Planet will increase its push text marketing messages to weekly instead of every two weeks.

Pizza Planet’s goal was to get enough new people in the door to pay for the program. It far and away exceeded that.

Blake Goldston

Owner, Money Mailer of Amarillo