Incremental Sales

Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N Bake Pizza ‘Heats Up’ Sales

The Challenge

The owner of a new franchised location of Papa Murphy’s Take ’N Bake Pizza in Amarillo, Texas, had never owned a business before. With minimal knowledge of how to connect with his customer base, the owner called on Money Mailer to provide consultation and marketing services. He began to use Money Mailer shared mail to increase customer traffic and sales. Impressed by the results Money Mailer generated from shared mail, the owner adopted mobile marketing as an additional tactic to generate incremental sales.

Our Solution

Because Papa Murphy’s headquarters supplies its franchisees with the artwork and promotional offers made in all coupons, Money Mailer strategically decided to replace the least aggressive offer that was supplied with the mobile offer. The initial mobile coupon to encourage opt-ins was for a free, one-topping medium pizza with the purchase of any pizza. To keep customers who opted-in excited about the program, subsequent mobile campaign offers were different but continued to be aggressive. Push messages generally advertised such offers as buy one-get-one-free and a medium pizza for only $3.00.

The Results Were Amazing

Over 1,200 consumers have opted-in to Papa Murphy’s mobile campaign


To broaden the reach of its shared mail marketing program, Papa Murphy’s began to integrate the campaign with mobile marketing by pushing text messages every other week.


Money Mailer employed an integrated campaign to advertise the text opt-in opportunity and reach as wide an audience as possible. The campaign included shared mail and point-of-purchase displays including table tents and window ‘clings’ to increase awareness and encourage opt-ins. In addition, Papa Murphy’s staff distributed flyers about the mobile coupon program to customers when they came in to pick up a pizza order.


The mobile coupon campaign exceeded Papa Murphy’s expectations and has generated a high level of participation among their customers. Over 1,200 consumers have opted-in to receive text message coupons. The campaign has generated incremental sales of nearly 4 percent because most customers who came in for either a free pizza or discounted medium pizza upgraded their purchases by ordering additional toppings or a large pizza instead of a medium.

It is especially important to keep people who have opted-in to the campaign excited about the program. After the first push message goes out, the subsequent messages must continue to advertise „hot‟ offers to keep them coming back instead of going to the competition.

Blake Goldston

Owner, Money Mailer of Amarillo, TX