Mobile opt-in Customers

Money Mailer’s self-serve mobile marketing software is marketing on demand to get more of what Dairy Queen wants – more customers.

Dairy Queen’s Mobile Marketing Delivers Delicious Savings

The Challenge

To target a younger demographic of 18-34 year olds, Salisbury, Maryland’s Dairy Queen turned to an integrated marketing approach with a shared mail and mobile marketing program.

Our Solution

Customers who opted-in to the mobile marketing program were offered a 50-cent Blizzard. The aggressive offer did the trick and brought in the younger customers Dairy Queen was targeting. In less than a year, the offer helped build a customer database of more than 1,000 opt-ins. Thanks to the collaboration with Money Mailer, the integrated marketing program became this location’s most effective marketing initiative to date.



The Results Were Amazing

In less than a year, Dairy Queen has built its database of mobile opt-in costumers to more than 1,000 people.


With Money Mailer’s guidance, Dairy Queen made local residents an opt-in offer they couldn’t refuse. Dairy Queen promoted an aggressive savings opportunity through Money Mailer’s shared mail envelope and in-store signage provided by Money Mailer. Employees at the location were also trained by Money Mailer on how to promote the texting program to customers coming into the store.


The targeted audience for the mobile campaign was Antioch’s young adult and high school crowd. With high school students frequenting the store, Money Mailer knew it would need to capture their attention while at the location. As a result, Froots’ integrated marketing campaign included not only Money Mailer’s shared mail and mobile solutions, but in-store collateral and employee training were added as critical components of the text program.

A key to this success was the decision to send out mobile messages on Mondays, the store’s slowest day of the week. The positive initial response gave Dairy Queen and Money Mailer enough reason to commit long-term to this new marketing strategy.


Integrating easy-to-use, low-cost mobile marketing into Dairy Queen’s promotional mix has benefited everyone. Dairy Queen has met its objectives to grow its customer base and increase loyalty. Local consumers get money saving offers they have requested to be sent directly to their mobile phones in addition to printed ads. The Dairy Queen location has since expanded its shared mail quantity from 20,000 households to 30,000 and isn’t slowing down a bit. Its newest opt-in promotion is a free double cheeseburger. Money Mailer also set up a self-serve mobile program for Dairy Queen which allows the restaurant to push out mobile marketing messages on its own.

When a customer tells me that this is the best advertising program he or she has ever done, I can clearly see the power of mobile marketing.

Susan McMullen

Owner, Money Mailer of Delmarva, MD/DE