Adding Mobile to the Marketing Mix
Motivates Customers to “Hit the Brixx”

The Challenge

Brixx Pizza of Charleston, SC is located in a busy shopping center close to a heavily traveled interstate. Before the mobile campaign, Brixx had worked with Money Mailer on a number of shared-mail campaigns. While the direct mail ad worked well for them, Brixx viewed a mobile campaign as a tactic to improve targeting and increase the number of potential customers the restaurant could reach. Through the shared mailing and mobile marketing, Money Mailer was able to assist Brixx in their effort to bring in first-time customers while enticing current customers to increase their visits.

Our Solution

The shared-mail campaign was sent to thousands of consumers that fit the restaurant’s customer demographics. The offer was spelled out simply so that consumers knew how to opt-in. Money Mailer, in tandem with Brixx, reinforced the offers with in store collateral and the restaurant’s wait staff shared the opt-in code and offer with customers. As an incentive, customers who opted-in received a free appetizer.

Brixx is seeing a spike in sales and increased customer traffic with mobile offers during the normally slow Monday-Thursday period.

The Results Were Amazing

Mobile coupons led to more than 360 opt-ins.


Brixx’s top priority was to attract more customers to the restaurant by building a database of cell-phone numbers. Using the database, it could then market relevant offers directly to customers on a regular basis. The restaurant also wanted to use the mobile coupons to increase frequency of visits by current customers.


Realizing how competitive the restaurant business is in Charleston and how extremely value-conscious the pizza dining crowd is, Brixx saw mobile marketing as a cost effective way to target them. Money Mailer introduced the mobile texting campaign program to Brixx’s management and staff, demonstrating how it worked on a cell phone. They were eager to integrate the communication tool into their marketing program, using the BRIXXMTP keyword and Money Mailer short code in all their other advertising, including radio ads.


Integrating the shared-mail program with mobile coupons led to more than 360 opt-ins. Management shared their excitement for the program with Money Mailer, noting that they experienced a definite spike in sales. As an important gauge of the program’s success, the campaign increased customer traffic during the normally slow Monday-Thursday period.

I helped Brixx visualize why mobile would benefit their business. As a result, they saw this as a new opportunity they could easily embrace
Chad Kelly

Owner, Money Mailer of Charleston