Customers opting-in.

Free Quesadilla Offer Brings in Customers to ‘New’ Restaurant

The Challenge

The Global Quesadilla Company St. Louis had recently changed its name from CasaDilla and moved to a new location well outside its previous market area. It also switched its operational model and menu to become a full-service concept. These changes essentially transformed it into a totally new restaurant and it needed to inform consumers. Global Quesadilla turned to Money Mailer for a strategic campaign to raise brand awareness and sales.

Our Solution

Money Mailer rotated mailings throughout the four zones that made up Global Quesadilla’s desired marketing footprint. This allowed the restaurant to reach its targeted audience while staying within its marketing budget. Money Mailer assigned the keyword, “GlobalQ,” for customers to text on their cell phones to sign up for the mobile marketing program. They instantly received a message good for a free Original Quesadilla as their reward for opting-in. Global Quesadilla also sends out a text offer three to four times per month encouraging customers to come in for specials, or reminding them that free delivery is available.

This self-service mobile program allows Global Quesadilla to drive business on days that kids are out of school, the weather is bad, or simply when business is slow. The printed menu was used as the primary menu in the restaurant, as the take-out menu and as a bounce back for carry-out or deliveries and contained three other offers to generate incremental sales. The menu design allows patrons to retain a complete menu even after the coupons have been used, providing a longer shelf life for the marketing piece.



The Results Were Amazing

Response to the mobile campaign has steadily increased, with nearly 600 customers opting-in.


With a limited budget and fresh start in a new location, the Global Quesadilla Company’s top priority was to let surrounding homeowners and businesses know it was open and get its new menu out to as large an audience as possible. It wanted to build a customer mix with a wide spectrum of diners, but the restaurant also needed to expand the mix to include younger consumers, who are more likely to respond to the mobile marketing campaign Global Quesadilla was starting


Money Mailer worked closely with the restaurant to design a gatefold menu containing every item available to customers plus a strong opt-in offer for the mobile marketing campaign. The menu was included in the shared mail envelope and used as marketing collateral at community events. A free quesadilla opt-in offer provided a strong call to action to help Global Quesadilla quickly build its mobile database. Money Mailer studied the target market and formulated a plan with strategic mailings and mobile text offers.


Consumer response to the mobile campaign has steadily increased, with nearly 600 customers opting-in. Global Quesadilla also has increased its brand awareness in a new market where consumers were unaware of the restaurant, and grew sales among younger consumers. As a result of this initial success, Global Quesadilla will continue with Money Mailer shared mail and building their loyal customer base.

Texting has really helped us impact our same-day sales. We like to send the menu or a text message out regularly to remain top of mind.

Courtney Hudson

Owner, The Global Quesadilla Company, St. Louis, MO