The evidence continues to roll-in this spring…all of it pointing to a rebounding economy and strengthening retail sales.

Now is the time to be aggressive.  You need to be out front…competing strongly for all the consumer activity that is taking place.  Inaction or caution will simply lead to loss of market share.

Read the data.  Energize yourselves.  And energize your clients. Now is the time for action!


  • “New applications for U.S. unemployment benefits hit a seven year low last week…and brought claims back to their pre-recession level.”  Source: Reuters, 5/15/14


  • “U.S. consumers ramped up their spending in March at the fastest pace in 4 ½ years.”  Source: A.P., 5/1/14





  • “The unemployment rate dived to a 5 ½ year low of 6.3 percent…its lowest level since September 2008.”  Source: Reuters, 5/2/14



Good selling!