BIM objects are available in various formats

A centralized digital 3D model of the building is used as the main resource in the BIM process. Each construction participant adds their own data to the model and has access to data entered by others. The tool allows you to perform fast, accurate and aesthetic design of facade systems.

BIM objects, which are often considered as simple drawings in 3D CAD, are actually a complex phenomenon in terms of their application, expanding the number of modifications and operational use opportunities. In addition, the tool provides an overview of the parameters, information, and advantages of the selected system. 

With the help of BIM technologies, we not only design, and of course if you know but also create and adjust the construction schedule, plan the use of resources, monitor the actual the construction stages can be at different levels and develop recommendations for cost optimization. Moreover, we have found application of BIM technologies in such areas as labor protection and safety on construction sites. We applied the old technology of safety monitoring and collecting information on labor protection and implemented a three-dimensional model in the construction progress monitoring system. We have increased the versatility of using BIM. There are no such analogues even abroad.

Best alternatives to use

Thanks to 3D modeling, projects of major transport interchanges in the city and region have been designed and implemented for several years. Leading construction companies use BIM technologies cad to bim service not only in the design, and in complex monitoring of construction, modernization of facilities with a continuous production process.

BIM technologies are also convenient because industry committees can easily access such documentation both during operation and when it comes time to renovate the building. Paper drawings have their own service life and are not so convenient for replication. BIM technologies solve many problems of possible incorrect budgeting and planning of works, saving the project budget.