ATLANTA GA, April 4, 2016

Money Mailer announced today that veteran business consultant Ted Shepherd has purchased Money Mailer of Atlanta, a locally owned direct mail business. Money Mailer of Atlanta has been successfully designing and managing direct mail campaigns for mostly locally owned businesses throughout the metro-Atlanta area for over 23 years.

Shepherd is the former CEO of Atlanta based Shepherd Management Group Inc. and served as consultant for over 600 mostly family owned retailing and business-to-consumer (B to C) clients across the USA, Canada, Australia and Mexico. Well known for his “relentless focus on results,” Shepherd and his team of consultants, would work “hands on” with clients of all sizes to improve performance.

“The day Delta Airlines recognized me for clocking over two million miles, I knew it was time for a change. First, I wanted something local. Second, it had to be a something where the skills I’ve employed assisting countless businesses over twenty-five years could continue to be a value.”

Shepherd began searching for the right fit to match his broad business expertise and focus on locally owned businesses.

“The moment I learned Money Mailer of Atlanta was available for purchase I knew we were a perfect fit. With Money Mailer, I can bring my clients a suite of direct mail and digital products that really work to build traffic or make the phone ring. And then, of course, when my clients also need assistance or advice to ensure business growth actually translates into growth on the bottom line, I can do that too. It’s perfect for me, and I believe it will be perfect for my clients too. ”

As CEO of Shepherd Management Group Inc., Shepherd would dive into any aspect of his clients’ business including advertising, sales, merchandising, operations, customer service, organizational development, and family business succession.

“There are a lot of competition out there selling direct mail.” said Ian Campbell, former owner of Money Mailer of Atlanta. “From what I have seen from Ted, he has a unique skillset that competitors who focus exclusively on direct mail just don’t have.”

For more information about “THE NEW MONEY MAILER OF ATLANTA “, call 770-924-8526 or visit the new website at where you can also download your free guide to direct mail.