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  • 84% of women said they like getting ads and coupons in the mail.
  • Only 44% of women said they like getting ads/coupons electronically.
  • Only 18% of women like to get their offers from emails.
  • 65% of women believe Money Mailer is the way to find new businesses
  • Women prefer getting offers and coupons in the mail 4-1 over the internet and mobile
  • 98% of women want to receive the Money Mailer package
  • 83% of women pick up their mail every day
  • 85% of women look at every ad
  • 51% of women read the envelope immediately
  • 70% would be upset if they lost Saturday delivery

Money Mailer Facts

  • Money Mailer reaches over 75% of the households in your neighborhood with incomes above $50,000
  • 69% of our readers say that we introduce them to new businesses in their neighborhood
  • 94% of consumers say that Money Mailer has a good variety of offers.
  • 81% of people trust the coupons and offers in Money Mailer
  • 69% of Money Mailer readers find out about new businesses from our envelope
  • 94% of Money Mailer readers like our variety and content


Young Adults

  • 68% of 18-24 year olds like receiving mail
  • 80% of all adults use coupons regularly
  • 73% of young adults (18-24) use coupons!
  • 74% of young adults want to receive offers and coupons in the mail!
  • Young adults prefer direct mail coupons and offers nearly 2-1 versus the internet and mobile.

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General Facts

  • Only 21% of people actively seek coupons or offers online
  • In a recent case study, over a third of a clients website traffic was lost when they stopped using direct mail
  • Adult women prefer direct mail 4 to 1
  • Adult men prefer mail 3 to 1
  • Even young adults 18-24 prefer the mail almost 2 to 1
  • 90% of all spending is done within 10 miles of a consumer’s home
  • 73% of people find out about local businesses from coupon offers
  • 35% of adults say that a coupon was the reason they first tried a new business
  • Only 42% of people say that internet banner ads are trustworthy
  • Less than 8% of people say that social media is trustworthy
  • 95% of households open the Money Mailer envelope…51% immediately!
  • 85% go through ALL of the offers
  • Money Mailer’s average household income is $113,000…57% above the national average
  • Households that make over $75,000 spend almost twice as much as households making less
  • 85% of people with income over $100,000 own a home
  • Households earning more than $100,000 are twice as likely to use coupons as those below $35,000
  • The average Money Mailer reader saves 4.5 coupons from each envelope
  • 69% of all saved coupons are used within one month
  • 85% of all readers go through every ad
  • Nearly ½ of all people say they will only return to a business if they have a coupon
  • 35% of all adults say the reason they first used a new business was because of a coupon
  • Households with an income of $200,000 or more are likely to use six or more coupons every month
  • College degree holders are also twice as likely to use coupons than those who did not graduate from high school
  • Users of paper coupons outnumber users of digital coupons 3 to 1 (66% vs. 22%)