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The BConnected Customer vs the National Average

We Target Your Local Customers With Only the Most Credible Data From These Top National Data Sources

Mediamark Research & Intelligence (MRI)

The Consumer Behavior Survey provides indices which measure how much households spend or what the likely demand is for a given product or service versus the local market as a whole.

US Census Bureau

Providing basic demographic information such as Ses, Age, Income, Education Level, Owner Occupied HHs, Age of Home, etc.

Note from Targeting:
Because Money Mailer skews toward higher household income, recommend HHI be weighed less than using traditional print media. 

US Bureau of Labor

Providing basic indices for consumer products, services and psychographics.

Note from Targeting:
Because purchase potential based on household spend trends closely with income, we recommend weighting this source less than using traditional  print media.

Experian Mosaic

Providing demographic geographic and lifestyle clustering segmentation to help identify look-a-likes in your database to match up against Money Mailer’s households for best class targeting model.

BConnected Locally Consistently Reaches
710,000 Upscale Atlanta Households!

Median US average household income: $50,198 vs. Atlanta average $83,606

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