Your Family’s Story
Is Your Heritage!

It’s something to be passed down. An invaluable inheritance to leave your children.

Understand not only your family tree,
but your family story.

Gather the Wisdom of Generations Past and Empower the Generations of the Future

There are so many parts to your family story. Your children need to know where you, your parents and your grandparents grew up, what your childhood was like, and interesting events you witnessed or participated in. There will come a time when you’re not here to tell your own stories, but there will still be those who need to hear them. For your children and grandchildren, tales of your trials and triumphs are more important than you realize. 

Children who know their family history experienced greater emotional well-being and are more resilient in time of of trial.

How it Works

Gather Your Photos, Vidoes, Tapes, and Other Media

Store all your media in one place with easy access from any connected device. Gain peace of mind that your photos and memorabilia will be saved forever.

Inventory Your Home For Your Favorite Treasures

Go through your home and find all those invaluable pieces – from the annual joke Christmas gift to the homemade Mother’s Day cards.

Record Your Family Memories

Capture, preserve and share the lifetime memories of you and your family through videos and audios that are the true treasures.

Download the App, Enjoy and Share

Your entire heritage is saved in the cloud and accessible through our easy to use app. Add to your history, add new memories and milestones, and share with your friends.

Ensure That Your Children Put Valuable Items On A Pedestal, Not In A Garage Sale




Insurance Value
















Maintenance Records

Don’t Let Important Memories and Photographs Fade Away
Due to Disaster, Disease, Death or Neglect

Download the App

Keep everything close at hand. With our handy app, you always have access to all your history with easy to use search and share features. At your child’s event, instantly add it to your history so your entire family can enjoy and participate. 

Keep Alive Your Family Memories

With our easy to use app, simply record your loved ones stories directly into your own history. Get everyone’s perspective.

EVERYONE has a story to tell, but some of us need help in telling it! We provide interview services, videographers, and all the tools you need to get started, and keep you motivated. We will help you build your family heritage every step of the way.

We Digitize Your Memories

Send us your photos, videos, tapes and movies and we will digitize it and return it with a backup on a thumbdrive and storage in the cloud. Use our app for easy anytime access to all your photos and videos.

Photos • Tapes • Slides • Reels • Digital Media

Are  your slides organized and maintained, or dumped in a shoebox? Do you have old film and tapes and no play to view them?  Imagine being able to easily watch and share those old films and photos once again! 



Peace of Mind

Home Chronicle offers bank level security to protect all your precious photos, data, memories and personal information

Questions about our parents and grandparents arise throughout our lives. If we’re lucky, the subjects of our questions are just a phone call away. But that won’t always be the case . . . 


Avoid Family Disruptions

When that time inevitably comes, easily distribute those family items that don’t make the will. 



Easy Management

Effortless Digital Asset Management – Finding, sorting, moving, and organizing — everything you need for complete mastery over your digital family history is right here, at your fingertips..


Private Family Network

Family all over the place? Family members can share in activities and memories no matter where they are.


Centralize All Your Information

Where is it.
When you got it.
What is it worth.
Who will inherit it.
Why/How you got it.


360˚ View of Memories

Get everyone’s perspective of what happened, from everyone’s perspective. At that event, when that surprise engagement occurred, both sister’s get to tell their side of the story.


ProtectIon Should You Suffer A Loss Or Damage

Store All Insurance Policies, Insurance Claims And The Outcome Of Those Claims and Generate An Insurance Claim As Easily As Clicking A Button


View Anytime Anywhere

All of your photos and videos are at your fingertips. Simply click on an chronicle or create a custom search. Want to hear Uncle Joe tell that story will all his embellishments and his accent, it is right there at your fingertips.



Share with Friends, Family and Colleagues

Share your most beautiful, most spectacular or funniest photos with the whole world on YouTube and other social media sites or directly with friends and family.


Reminiensce and Enjoy

Setup family topics such as the old family lakehouse and let all family members record their memories whenever they like. Let the whole family enjoy the stories and learn more about themselves.



Up to 5 Users

25GB Storage

15 Day Free Trial


Extended Family

Up to 15 Users

75GB Storage



Up to 125 Users

250GB Storage



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